Information about Murni

How it works

How it works

MURNI is a launchpad for independent fashion designers and fashion students. We let you pre-sell your design in quantity of your goal. It's all or nothing, if your quantity goal is not achieved within a timeframe (Listing expired date), all the orders will be cancelled. So you don't have to risk keeping large inventory. You will produce your design only if the goal is achieved.

How to list?

1. Sign up and log in to Murni.

2. Go to Settings Payments, connect with Stripe (our payment provider) and set up your account. (You will

  need to connect to our payment gateway in order to receive payment)

3. Click on 'List your design'

4. Fill up all the details and descriptions. (Important to set an estimated days for the product to be produced, and estimated delivery days )

5. Set your Ordering Goal and Expiring Date (Listing end date)

6. Murni charge a 15% transaction fee on every pieces ordered.

7. Listing done.

8. If the goal is not achieved by the expired date, all the orders of the listing will be cancelled.

9. If the goal is achieved by the expired date, buyers' card will be charged. And you have to fulfil all the orders.

How to order?

1. Sign up and log in to Murni.
2. Browse through the products that you like.
3. Select your size if any and click on the 'Pre-order now'.
4. Fill in your shipping address and payment details. (Note that your card will only be charged if the quantity goal is achieved on the expired date)
5. Wait for the goal to achieve on the expired date. 
6. If the goal is not achieved by the expired date, your order of the listing will be cancelled and your card will not be charged.
7. If the goal is achieved by the expired date, your card will be charged and the seller have to fulfill your order.
 (Note that at the moment, we don't provide escrow service yet, so the buyer is responsible to check the seller's reliability. For more information please read through the Terms Of Use )